For me, every project, business and expedition has a story.


So often we ask people "What do you do?" as a way to get to know them - referring to 'work' rather than all of the things to which we dedicate our time, energy & passion.


I am a storyteller. Sharing stories to raise awareness and instigate change for a better planet.

This has come in many different forms - photography, film, spoken word - and I hope you enjoy exploring them.

windmill lake

great lakes

the oceans



For six years, Jen ran a Community Interest Film Company based in the United Kingdom called Your Frontier.


She fell in love with filmmaking on the top of Mount Roraima in Venezuela, working with Adrian Warren. It was because of his encouragement that she set up her film company, sharing the stories of social and environmental responsibility projects across the globe. You can explore some of these stories in the short films below - including the tribute Jen created in her mentor's memory. You never know what life will bring, but because of Adrian, Jen became the storyteller she is today.